Artisanal Sourdough Bakery

Our Sourdough bread is made by using a small amount of starter dough and mixing it with the finest flour and purified water.
We then set part of the dough aside to use as the starter for the next batch.
We nurture our starter dough by feeding it flour and water daily and keeping it at room temperature, which keeps it fresh and healthy indefinitely, so we can use it to create our next delicious loaf.

Our famous starter has been alive since 1998. It’s not uncommon for a baker’s starter dough to have years of history, from many hundreds of previous batches. That’s why every bakery’s sourdough has a distinct taste. We like to think of it as our sourdough signature.

The combination of starter, culture, air temperature, humidity and elevation, also makes each batch of sourdough unique. And we attribute some of our gorgeous location to the beautiful taste we’ve cultivated over the years.

The production of each loaf is an 18 hour process, using only the finest ingredients. Each loaf is hand-made and our skilled artisanal bakers take great care to produce a superior and healthy alternative to your average supermarket loaf. There are no additives, just Eureka Mills premium stone-ground flour, Khoisan sea salt, purified water and a natural sourdough leaven, nothing else.

You can choose from Country White, Country Whole wheat, Ciabatta, Pure Rye, Pure Crushed Rye, Berliner (with a touch of Caraway), Battard (which has a slightly less sourdough flavour) or a health-loaf full of goodness.

If you’re lucky there might still be some Olive or Tomato Steccas or Poppy/sesame seed breadsticks left over, but these are usually gone within an hour of coming out the oven.


Newport Market & Deli is proud to bring you an excellent selection of our hand-picked, ethically-sourced gourmet coffees. Each one made from only the finest, freshest Arabica and Robusta beans.

Over the past 20 years, Newport has also developed our own luxurious blend to the highest standards, catering to the tastes of coffee-lovers all over South Africa.

We take this stuff seriously, not only because we’re such coffee lovers ourselves, but also because we’ve worked hard to ensure that our brand is trusted for exceptional taste, fair trade practices and the sustainable use of natural resources. With the delicious smell that draws promenade fans, from more than a kilometre, as an added bonus.

Our goal is to bring you cup after cup of delicious, satisfying coffee.

Why not browse the selection available and find your favourite blend to sip and enjoy?

Fresh Juices, Smoothies & Wellness Shots

At Newport Market & Deli, we’ve made it our mission to offer only the very best quality, fresh, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and wellness shots.
We are super-strict about using 100% fresh, locally sourced fruit and vegetables wherever possible. All hand-selected by us at the market early every morning. Plus all our drinks are made on the premises, so we’re 100% conscious and confident that we only ever put goodness and heart into every drink.

Sit Down Restaurant & Deli

There’s nothing pretentious about what we do here.
“It’s the best possible quality, its consistent and its fresh…that simple!” says co-owner, Allan.

Whether you’re relaxing with family and friends or meeting business associates, you’ll find our restaurant setting perfectly suited. Beautiful views, efficient service and consistently excellent food guarantees a memorable visit every day of the week.

Our extensive menu has a wide range of delicious meals for any time of day, and exciting drinks to satisfy any thirst. We can recommend everything, but you could try our famous home-made muesli with fresh fruit salad, honey & yoghurt, or sink your teeth into a Louisiana Wrap with Cajun chicken and avocado. The dairy-free Smoothies are also “to die for”, so we’ve been told. And we’re also well-known for our creamy Flat Whites.

Newport service is always quick and efficient and clearly as important to us as it is to our ever-growing list of regulars. Don’t be surprised if you see drinks and meals delivered to a neighbouring table without a waiter ever taking the order. Like so many of our regulars, you’ll also become addicted and come back for more, seven days a week. It’s also likely that our staff will remember your order after your second visit, making Newport always feel like home.
Most of our meals and drinks are available for takeout, and there are always several ready-made options to grab if you’re in a hurry.

With 180° sea views, as well as a gorgeous mountain view, Robben Island on our doorstep, beautiful winter sunrises and dolphins and whales making regular random appearances in the water right in front of us, you couldn’t ask for a better location.

Newport Market & Deli is open and airy, with tables inside and outside.
Our outside seating offers the perfect setting for sun seekers, dog walkers, cyclists and those who enjoy the fresh sea air.

There’s always a buzz here. Whether it’s early risers grabbing breakfast, businessmen meeting over lunch, families connecting, friends getting together or surfers warming up after catching a few waves, Newport is home away from home for many of our customers, who we’re so glad to say, have also become our good friends.

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